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Buddha statues, Buddhist thangkas (paintings), and Tibetan Buddhist ritual/tantric objects

Buddhist Images is a Buddhist shop selling Buddhist art, Buddhist gifts and Buddhist supplies. We sell fine quality Buddhist statues (rupas), Tibetan Buddhist thangka paintings and Tibetan Buddhist ritual and Tantric Buddhist ritual items. These are all made in Kathmandu, Nepal, by local craftspeople.

We also wholesale Buddhist items such as prayer flags, prayer wheels, offering bowls, and smaller Buddhist statues, Buddha figures and thangkas. There is a minimum order of £75 on wholesale items (please contact us for price list).

We have a wide range of styles and sizes available of all the major Buddhist figures, from large Buddhas up to 36 inches to smaller 4 inch Buddhist figures.

It is also possible to have special orders made of Buddha & Bodhisattva statues and thangkas. Items marked 'special order' are not in stock but can be obtained so please contact me for an estimate on price and availability.

Photo of Buddha statue, thangka painting, vajra and wooden standing Buddha

There's a good range of ritual items to support Buddhist practice and again we are happy to fulfil special requests for anything you may need. Items include: kartika (vajra chopper), phurba (ritual dagger), damaru (drum), vajras (dorje), double vajras, khagda (ritual sword), vajra and bell sets, mandala sets, om mane padme hum hangings, conches, mani stones, carved mantras, resin and clay buddha statues.

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"My Tara thangka arrived sound and safe. Thank you so much, it is absolutely beautiful! More radiant and with much greater presence in real life than in the photo. It is on my living room wall and I enjoy having Tara here, living with me. This was the best gift for my 50th birthday. I am recommending you to all my friends, and I hope I can purchase more wonderful sacred art from you in the future."


Popular items include: Padmasambhava statues, Padmasambhava thangkas, Avalokitesvara statues, Avalokitesvara thangkas, Amitabha statues, Amitabha thankgas, Manjusri statues, Manjusri thangkas, Shakyamuni statues, Shakyamuni thangkas, Green Tara statues, Green Tara thangkas, White Tara statues, White Tara thangkas, Vajrapani statues, Vajrapani thangkas, Vajrayogini statues, Vajrayogini thangkas, Milarepa statues, Milarepa thangkas, Prajnaparamita statues and Prajnaparamita thangkas.